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The NSW Office of Water is Australia's largest water monitoring agency. Over 5,000 Office of Water monitoring stations measure the quality and quantity of water in rivers, streams, groundwater and dams across New South Wales. About 900 of these stations continuously monitor water sources delivering real-time data through digital electronic technology.

You can view Real-time data from the Office of Water and other NSW agencies on the Real-time data site.

Real-time water data app

In an Australian first, the Office of Water has released a mobile phone application for accessing real-time water data for New South Wales.

The application allows water users to instantly access information from handheld devices on stream and salinity levels for surface water, major dam levels and inflows and water table data.

The free mobile app is available for iPhone (iTunes store) and Android (Google Play store).

Real-time data reporting

The Office provides real-time reports on:

  • River levels and flows
  • Storage elevations, volumes and discharges
  • Salinity, temperature and turbidity
  • Bore water levels.

The range of data available varies from site to site.

This data is used to:

  • determine water availability, water allocations and water releases
  • develop water sharing plans
  • evaluate the performance of water sharing plans
  • predict flood levels to protect people and property
  • gauge the health of rivers and floodplains
  • improve our understanding of climate change management
  • manage surface and groundwater resources throughout the State.

Real-time data from the Office of Water is relied upon by other agencies including State Water, the Murray Darling Basin Authority, the Bureau of Meteorology, State Emergency Services and the Border Rivers Commission. The information is a critical component of the State's flood warning systems.

Get your own real-time data DVD

Continuous NSW river and storage information is available on Pinneena CM DVDs. For more information or to purchase this resource please contact us.

Strategic Plan

The NSW Strategic Water Information Monitoring Plan (PDF 1.6 MB) is a requirement under the $80 million Modernisation and Extension of Hydrologic Monitoring Systems Program administered by the Bureau of Meteorology. The plan lists all the water information needs in the State and outlines the current data inventory and monitoring programs used to report on and manage water in New South Wales. The plan also reports gaps in data and systems relative to the data delivery requirements of the bureau.

Read the detailed report on Water inventory and observation networks in New South Wales (PDF 2.7 MB), as outlined in the plan.