The Murray-Darling Basin is the catchment for the Murray and Darling Rivers and all their tributaries, covering most of inland NSW and extending from Queensland to South Australia. It is a significant area for food production and aquatic ecosystems. Appropriate water usage in the Basin is important, not only for more than two million people who call this part of Australia home but also nationally.


Locality map of Murray-Darling Basin


State Priority Projects

Water Infrastructure Projects

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Murray River at Howlong

Lachlan river

Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Read about the NSW Government response to the proposed Basin Plan.
Rotorain - Northwest

Sustaining the Basin

$500m is being invested in State priority projects to meet the sustainable diversion limits in the Australian Government's proposed Basin Plan.
Murray Darling Basin

Sustainable Diversion Limits

Water infrastructure projects are underway to deliver water savings efficiency known as Sustainable Diversion Limits offsets.
Menindee Lakes

The Menindee Lakes

The Darling River Water Saving Project has identified water savings in the Menindee Lakes.
Water sharing plans

Water sharing plans

All water sharing plans for inland NSW will be completed in 2012. Water sharing plans provide means for effective water management.
Real-time data

Real-time data on volumes and flows

Telemetry allows us to continually monitor water volume and flows in the Basin and feed this data back online. Find out more >>
Algal bloom in the Murray River

Murray River algal management

Algal management activities in the Basin.
Murray River bank remediation

Murray River streamside restoration

The Office of Water operates a major river erosion control and streamside restoration program on the Murray River.
Murray cod copyright MDBC

Sustainable Rivers Audit

An assessment of river health across the entire Basin is being undertaken as an intergovernmental project. Find out more >>
Murrumbidgee floods

National water reform

Find out how NSW is working cooperatively with other jurisdictions to implement national reforms.
Hawkesbury Nepean River

Other areas

Information on other basins and catchments in New South Wales. Find out more >>