A number of public registers have been established by the NSW Office of Water to provide information for water users and the general public that can be widely and simply accessed.

Overview of water management registers and statistics

Using the variety of searches available from the selection of links on the left hand side of this screen under the heading Public Registers you can access up-to-date information as outlined below.

Water Management Act 2000: consents and activities


  • status of applications for approvals, including current advertisements
  • issued approvals, including conditions.

Water access licences

  • licence conditions
  • available water determinations
  • water allocation assignments (formerly known as temporary trades)
  • assignment of shares (formerly known as permanent trades).

Water access licence and use statistics

  • summaries by water source of number of licences, available water determinations and water usage
  • summaries by water source of water allocation assignments.

Water Act 1912: licences and authorities

  • check if your Water Act 1912 licence or authority has been converted to a Water Management Act 2000 water access licence and approval
  • undertake a limited on-line search of licences and authorities by licence number or Lot/DP.

The information provided is limited to meet the requirements of section 57 of the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998.

Note: The Water Access Licence Register is administered by Land and Property Information. This should be searched to obtain the legal information about a water access licence required for most water dealings.

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