Site map of streams

The NSW Office of Water monitors the availability and condition of surface water by measuring water level, stream flow, rainfall and key water quality indicators.

Water is monitored at specific sites in river basins through daily staff gauge readings, gas purge pressure and float well water level recording systems, electronic pressure sensors and telemetered digital logging systems.

The NSW Office of Water collects and processes live data to provide daily updates on entire river systems.

Flow monitoring overview

The overview map of NSW depicts a selection of rivers. The real time data on flows for these telemetered sites is shown in megalitres per day. The arrow indicates if the water level is rising (R), steady (S) or falling (F), while the arrow colour indicates the rate of flow in various percentage ranges. You can also click through to see the full range of available data on each of these sites.

Real-time surface water data

This information is available online in three key formats:

Provisional river data

Provisional river data gives you the latest readings and the last 30 days of data for individual monitoring sites in river basins throughout the state, updated at least once every day.

Daily river reports

These daily river reports cover an entire river system using a range of datasets. They provide a summary report covering the last seven days from readings at monitoring sites in the specified valleys/areas. The sites are reported in stream order with the upstream sites appearing first in the table.

The daily river reports include:

  • River report, giving daily totals for one week
    • Water level (gauge height) [m]
    • Flow (discharge) [ML/day]
  • Latest readings giving single most recent value at each site
    • Water level (gauge height) [m]
    • Flow (discharge) [ML/day]
    • Rainfall [mm]
  • Water quality, providing daily average values for one week
    • Flow (discharge) [ML/day]
    • Water temperature [°C]
    • Electrical conductivity @25°C [µS/cm]
  • Storages
    • Percent full [%]
    • Elevation (storage gauge) [m]
    • Volume in storage [ML]
    • Hydro discharges [ML/day]
    • Spillway release discharge [ML/day]
    • Valve release discharge [ML/day]
    • Total release discharge [ML/day]
    • Rainfall [mm]

Hunter River real time data

The Hunter Integrated Telemetry System collects a range of data from the Hunter River and surrounding basins that is updated every 10 minutes. At a number of key sites the data is collected every 10 minutes to enable timely salinity dilution decisions. Other non-critical data is updated every three hours.

Surface water monitoring network

Our surface water monitoring network plays an important role in

  • Managing releases of treated water
  • Determining and monitoring flow needs for the environment
  • Producing hydro-electric power
  • Operating and designing multipurpose reservoirs
  • Monitoring compliance with water sharing plan rules
  • Administering agreements and resolving issues on interstate rivers
  • Providing information on water resource conditions and when to pump on specified streams
  • Providing data for environmental and scientific research.

A complete range of data of continuously monitored NSW river and storage information is available on the Pinneena CM DVD. For more information or to purchase this resource, contact us.