The NSW Office of Water monitors groundwater level and quality through its network of groundwater observation bores across New South Wales.

The network comprises continuous monitoring sites of which over 370 are telemetered and available as Real-time data. Manual monitoring is undertaken at more than 3,000 groundwater monitoring bores.

Our groundwater monitoring network plays an important role in:

  • assessing groundwater conditions, volumes, recharge rates and saline intrusion
  • managing groundwater, including groundwater access, allocations and extraction, protecting aquifers and bores
  • providing data for the development of groundwater sharing plans.

Groundwater data is also available on Pinneena Groundwater DVD, which provides data from more than 140,000 groundwater sites. Of these, over 5,000 sites have historical water level data available. More information on Pinneena.

Groundwater monitoring overview

The groundwater monitoring overview map depicts a selection of the hundreds of telemetered bore sites in NSW. For each site on the overview map the real time data on groundwater level in metres (Australian Height Datum) is shown. The arrow indicates if the water level is rising (R), steady (S) or falling (F). The arrow colour corresponds to one of four groundwater source types, the most often shown here being alluvial groundwater. You can also click through to see the full range of available data on each of these sites including historical information from data logging of these bores.

Water Monitoring Framework

The NSW Government's Water Monitoring Framework transforms how water data and information is captured and used to protect precious water resources. For more information go to Water Monitoring Framework.

Data archive reports

The NSW Natural Resource Atlas has groundwater data archive reports with information about 100,000 licensed water bores, wells and excavations. The information is historic, based on the details provided when the bore was drilled. Access is via a map of the state, use the tools to zoom in and point to the bore that you want information on.

A bore search providing a compilation of data to your specifications can be provided for a fee.

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