Hume dam

Water is held in many hundreds of dams and other storages throughout New South Wales. These dams vary from the major irrigation and water supply storages to smaller water supply and farm dams on individual properties. Dam water is a valuable resource used in agriculture, irrigation, domestic supply and public recreation. Storages can also provide a valuable resource during flood times by holding back water, delaying and reducing flood peaks downstream.

Real-time data

The NSW Office of Water monitors storage levels, rainfall, evaporation, inflows and outflows from 19 major irrigation storages in the state, on a real-time basis. Less frequent information is available from some 75 lesser storages and diversion structures.

View real-time data for major dams.

A range of reports for NSW storages operated by State Water, Murray Darling Basin Commission and Dumaresq-Barwon Border Rivers Commission are available at