This site has been designed to incorporate a number of features to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. These features include:

  • Frames, Java applets and Flash objects are generally not used as they cannot be read by many alternative access devices; – Images and graphics carry ALT tags to assist visitors using screen readers and those with images turned off in their internet browsers
  • Where practicable, tables have been presented so that information can be read in a linear fashion and each cell is described by its column heading
  • Pages have been designed to be device independent (that is, users can navigate without the need of a mouse).

It is the goal of the NSW Office of Water to ensure that this site meets accessibility standards. However we cannot take responsibility for the accessibility of documents on this website that have been prepared by third parties such as PDFs of consultant's reports, public submissions or publications prepared by previous agencies.

We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding the accessibility features of this site. If you wish to contribute to this site's improvement, or if you require assistance to access content that has not been supplied in an accessible format, please send an e-mail to us at

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